Climate Action Plans/Greenhouse Gas Inventories

Sustainability Reports and Indicators

Once you have your new processes and programs in place, you want to make sure they are working and delivering results. We work with you to set up easily monitored indicators that assist you in tracking your organization’s new direction. We can help you prepare your annual Sustainability Report to the internationally recognized Global Reporting initiative (GRI) standard. Your employees, customers and potential customers like to be kept informed and sustainability indicators and reporting are a great way to let your employees, your customers and your suppliers know that you are committed to making your organization more sustainable.

Climate Action Plans/Carbon Footprint Calculation

Do you know your organization’s carbon footprint and do you have a plan to lower your footprint? We can determine your current footprint based on the World Resources Institute Greenhouse Gas Protocol. We can also help you develop action plans to reduce your footprint and monitor the ongoing results and any stakeholder reporting requirements.

Resource Conservation Strategies

Are you using more materials and utilities than needed? Why give money away each month when those funds can be used to make your organization more efficient and sustainable at the same me? We have many years of experience helping organizations reduce their operating costs. We will look at your facilities and current operating expenses to find opportunities to reduce your monthly expenses.

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Sustainability has arrived and Sustainable Solutions Consulting is ready to help you move your business towards Sustainability.