R2/e-Stewards Standards

What is R2/e-Stewards

Responsible Recycling (R2) and e-Stewards are two standards specifically related to the transportation, handling, testing, reuse and resale and recycling of electronic waste.  The standards have been in existence since 2008. 

Electronic equipment such as computers, flat panel monitors, old style television tubes, cell phones, printers/scanners all contain toxic materials.  The most common of these materials are lead, mercury, cadmium and beryllium.  If not properly handled and recycled, these materials can be harmful to the people who handle them and the environment if they are not properly disposed or recycled.

The standards require companies identify and perform due diligence on the companies they send electronics and/or components to for reuse or recycling.  These “downstream vendors” are required to disclose where the material goes from their facilities to final disposition so that equipment or components can be tracked all the way to final disposition.  The goal of the standards is to ensure that electronic equipment does not end up in countries or facilities that are not able to properly process or recycle the toxic materials contained in electronic waste. 

We have audited over 50 companies to these standards are able to help yours as well.